How to Install WordPress on Hosting – Full Information

How to Install WordPress on Hosting
How to Install WordPress on Hosting

How to Install WordPress on Hosting

How to Install WordPress on Hosting- Guy`s in today's time, making websites on the Internet has become a common. Any person can now create a website of their own. Not only this, people also earn lots of money by creating a website on the Internet with the help of lots of advertising platform.

But, If you want to successful website designer so you should must know how to make a professional website, and Wordpress is the best platform to create a professional website! But if you don’t know to install and create website in Wordpress, so today we are going share with you about How to Install WordPress on Hosting and How to make website on wordpress.

In today's time, there are a lot of platforms to make a perfect websites. Anyone can easily create their own website. Many of these platforms are also free, such as Blogger! But there are always some limitations on the website built on these free platforms. If you do not want this kind of Limitation then you have to spend some money to make a website. To make a website without limitation, you only have to buy Hosting and Domain. After take hosting, you can create your own Premium Website. WordPress is considered the best for creating a Premium Website. But do you know How to Install WordPress on Hosting? If you don’t know, so don’t worry, today we are going to share with you complete information.

What is WordPress – Full Information.

Today's through this post, I will try to give you full information about How to install WordPress. But guy`s before that you need to know something about WordPress. In the technical language, WordPress is a Website Builder platform on which you can build a website with the help of any coding and run it. WordPress is included in the list of world's most popular Website Builders.

In Simple Language, 'WordPress is the most simple and popular way to build a perfect website'. You will be surprised to know that 32.2% of the world's websites are built in WordPress only. That is, one of the 4 websites that you visit is made on WordPress. WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System, that is, anyone can use and modify WordPress software.

I hope now you know lots of things about WordPress. Hosting is very important and required to use WordPress. WordPress cannot be installed without Hosting. To install WordPress, you must first buy Hosting. There are many popular hosting brands in India such as Hostgator, Godady, DigitalOcean etc. Through them you can buy hosting with high quality and good server.

If you have buy your hosting then you should know that How to install wordpress on Hosting? Let's know about it.

How to Install WordPress on Hosting – Full Information Step by step.

Installing WordPress is not difficult, Its very easy. When you purchased Hosting after that you see direct option to install WordPress into Hostings platform, while some have to install manually. We will tell you some ways by which you can install WordPress in every kind of hosting.

How to Install WordPress from C-Panel.
c-Panel is a kind of dashboard. Most web hosting platform offer cPanel. If you have not yet purchased Web Hosting, then keep in mind that always buy c-Panel Hosting. With the help of cPanel, it becomes easy to secure the website. Your hosting platforms gives you the login details of cPanel. After this you have to follow some common steps:

    1.   To install WordPress from cPanel, First of all you have to go to cPanel Dashboard of your website by your hosting platform.
2.   After that select A section named Auto Installer will appear in the cPanel dashboard.
3.   After that, Click on the WordPress Icon. There will also be a WordPress name.
4.   And then, A new page will open. On this page you will see information about WordPress. The bottom side will have 'Install Now'. Click on it.
5.   After that, You will be asked to select Protocol and Domain Name. In protocol, if you are using SSL then select HTTPS or else proceed with HTTP. And then, select the domain hosting you have connected to.
6.   After that, You enter the information about your website in the Site Name and Description
7.   After that, enter your WordPress Username and Password Details. Remember both these things because later on you will log in to WordPress Dashboard. You will also have to provide your detail here.
And then, Finally click on install button.

Now, your WordPress Install will be done. Now you can log in to your WordPress panel.

How to Install WordPress Manually on Hosting.
Installing WordPress manually on Hosting is also very easy. For this, you just need to follow some simple steps Only:

            1. First of all, you have to go to the website of and download the latest version of WordPress.
2.   After that you will have to go to Files from the Dashboard of c-Panel.
3.   After that, You will have to unzip the Wordpress file and upload it to the file of public_html.
4.   After that, You have to create MySQL Database and User.
Then configure the wp-config.php file, And then Wordpress Install completely!

Now you can prepare your website and bring it to the world. Through WordPress, you can do any kind of customization in your website. This is why WordPress is popular because you can create all kinds of websites without the help of Coding, whether it is a news site or an eCommerce website!\

I hope guys this blog is helpful for you, you will be learn How to Install WordPress on Hosting, I always try to give you real information. If you have any doubt and question about this blog, So please comment us in the Comment Box. I will 100%  give you reply very fast.

Thank You.

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